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Week 2

Week 2


This week we are learning the Traditional tale of 'The three little pigs'. The children have enjoyed all of the different opportunities this tale offers. From telling the story, using puppets, props and repetative phrases, to building like the three little pigs did. 


We have explored different materials; describing them, feeling them, and testing their strength against the big bad wolf! Our building area has been very popular, with lots of children designing, creating and experimenting. Lots of us decided we were the big bad wolf trying to blow down the bricks....but it didn't work!


We used the 'wolf theme' to play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'. The game helped us to practice counting, use our listening skills and of course we loved going into the big hall!


This week we noticed the weather changes. We saw ice and discovered what happened to it when it was warmer. As we went outside, we crunched on the ice with our wellies and used our fingers to make marks in the ice.