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Week 2

This week we have had so much fun learning about vegetables and healthy food. Inspired by Oliver's soup in the book we made our own. We thought about what to put in it, tasted it and then wrote our own recipe. 

We have been learning about healthy food after reading Oliver's Vegetables. We sorted food into healthy and healthy. We created different lunchboxes using an online creator but we decided it was ok to include a small treat.

We have loved watching the tadpoles transform from frogspawn to tadpoles to froglets to frogs. Now that they have grown into little frogs it's time to release them back to their pond. Thank you so much to Mrs Bartlett for letting us take care of her frogs and we hope that they enjoy exploring their new home. She has kindly filmed their release for us.

Frog release - reception - Chawson 1st school

Now that the tadpoles have all morphed into frogs, it is time to get them back to the pond.

This week's homework is to support your child in helping to learn their tricky words. I have included a link to the Little Wandle Website to help you learn more about tricky words.

Have a wonderful weekend in the sun.


Mrs Rudkin and the imaginative RR team