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Week 2

Week 2

The children have had a wonderful week learning about their topic 'The Great Outdoors'. We have been continuing our story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and the children really enjoyed creating their own vegetable garden in our outside area. We planted a range of different vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower and carrots. The children will be responsible for looking after their little vegetable patch and are really excited about the their vegetables growing! 

We have also spoke about what you can do with vegetables once they have grown. We have been sharing different types of vegetables with the children and modelled making vegetable soup. The children got to taste the soup which included parnsips, carrots, celery, potatoes and leeks. As you can imagine, some children liked the soup, others were not so keen! I have included a vegetable soup recipe below if you'd like to make some at home, as the children are now experts in creating their own recipe instructions. 

Finally this week, we have been learning our tricky words. Tricky words are words that cannot be read by segmenting/blending and need to be learnt by sight. This week our home learning activity focuses on tricky words and below is a link to how we teach tricky words in Reception. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Mr Bartle and RB