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Week 2

Farm Trip to Oversley Farm

On Monday we excitedly arrived in school ready for our first proper school trip. We made sure that everyone had lunch, wellies and had (most importantly) been to the toilet before we boarded the coach. On the journey we spotted lots of animals including deer. 

We met lots of different animals including chickens. We collected the eggs and helped them back into the hen house when they escaped!

We met the Farm's sheep and their new lambs. They were all very friendly and we got to stroke them. One group got to fed the lambs their afternoon bottles and the other group was in the barn when one of the ewes gave birth. 

We all got to drive the tractor!

At lunchtime we washed our hands throughally, as we'd been stroking animals, before munching our lunch in the grain barn. During the morning a loaf of bread had been baking in the bread maker. It smelt amazing. We made our own butter from cream although we didn't get to taste it due to accident and it ended up on the floor. The bread still tasted amazing with a different butter!

The cow barn was brilliant. They were all so friendly and loved being stroked. Mrs Rudkin was amazed to find out that cows don't have a top set of teeth! In the barn were lots of new calves and a very large bull with a ring through his nose.

It was wonderful for the children to experience getting up close to the different animals and I know that they all had a fantastic day. There were some very tired children on the bus home too.


We hope you have a fantastic weekend

Mrs Rudkin and the marvellous RR team.