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Week 1


We are all very happy and excited to be back after the Christmas break. Our new starters have been welcomed by our team and current Pre-schoolers with open arms. They have settled very well into our routine and have even started to make new friends. We are extremely proud of them and delighted to see such settled and happy Pre-school rooms so early on in the term.


This week we were focusing on settling back into our daily routines and have enjoyed taking part in some listening games to develop listening skills. The children really enjoyed ‘Duck-duck-goose’ and ‘Which box is Peter hiding under?’. Your child might be able to talk about this at home.


Some of the children have listened to the story ‘The colour monster’. It helps us to identify feelings such as sad, calm, overexcited and anger’. We have spoken about these feelings; how they make us feel and what can cause these feelings. Lots of children said their grown ups help them feel better again when they feel sad, which was lovely to hear from them.


Next week we will start learning some traditional tales, starting with; The three little pigs. You could read some of these tales to your children at home to help them develop their understanding of the main characters, settings and repetitive language in them. For example, ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’.