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Week 1

What a wonderful start to the term. The children have really settled back into learning brilliantly and I have been really impressed with how ready they are to listen and learn.

This week started with asking the children what they did in the holidays. We had a chance to tell our talk partner and the class all about it. We inevitably discussed Christmas and the children shared the presents they had received and their families traditions. Finally, we discussed the most delicious thing they had eaten over the holidays - I was surprised by the lack of chocolate mentioned!

Sharing our holiday news

This week has been Arts Week. We have had so much exploring the different elements that make up the Arts. First we explored music. We listened to different music and drew how it made us feel and the movements we felt it made.

We were really lucky to have a visitor to teach us a session all about rhythm and music. Gareth from Severn Arts got everyone playing an instrument which we all really enjoyed.

Music Workshop

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On Thursday we explored the artist Mark Rothko. We looked at his paintings and saw them on a tour of a gallery. We found out that he loved mixing colours so we learnt how to mix them using our fingers. We then used our new found knowledge to make collaboratives paintings in the style of Rothko.

On Friday we were so excited to have a dance lesson from a real dance teacher. Matt from ENTW9 taught us some dance moves and we also danced with ribbons. We had so much fun!