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Week 1

It was so lovely to welcome so many smiling faces back to school on Tuesday. We have been really impressed with how everyone has returned to school ready to learn.


This week we have been focusing on learning about Autumn and events that happen at this this of year. On Tuesday a child asked why the grass on the field looked different so we all popped our wellies and coats on and went to explore. We discovered that the grass was covered in dew caused by condensation. We ran on the field to leave trails, touched it with our fingers and decided that in the sun it looked sparkly. We have explored Autumn using an investigation station which involved using magnifying glasses to view leaves, seed, conkers and some amazing bark from a silver birch tree. In PE we started to explore how Autumn leaves fall to the ground.

We have also been looking at poetry this week, with the children really enjoying the chance to explore and learn exciting new words and phrases. Poetry in Reception really helps the children develop their language and vocabulary and improves their Literacy skills as well.


On Thursday we turned our attention towards bonfire night. We watched a firework display and all chose our favourite one based on colour or the amazing shape that it made in the sky. We then had great fun recreating fireworks in colourful loose parts, threading pipe cleaners and painted beautiful displays.

Finally, we have been thinking about Fireworks and how to stay safe during Bonfire Night. Mr Bartle showed us how to use sparklers safely.

As a class, we came up with the following safety rules:

  • Keep pets indoors
  • Stand far away
  • Always wear gloves with sparklers
  • Fireworks can only be held by adults

We hope you have a fantastic firework filled weekend and we can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday.


Mrs Rudkin and the RR Team