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Week 1

Week 1

Wow! What a brilliant start to the school year we have had. We are so proud of the way that the children have embraced their new environment, routines and members of staff.

We have had great fun exploring the classroom, making friends and of course exploring the outside area in the surprise September heatwave!

We encourage parents and children to talk as much as possible about the school day, as it’s a wonderful way for your child to develop their speaking and listening skills. To give you an insight into what happens during a typical morning in RR here is a brief overview:  

When we enter the classroom, we put our bookbags in the box, water bottle on the trolley and coat in our locker. We will be keeping our PE kits in our locker too from week 3. We explore the activities in the classroom before we sit on the carpet and the register is taken. Before we go home we have a story. This week they have been about starting school and tidying up!

The children then go and explore in the classroom and engage in something called ‘continuous provision’ or ‘choosing time’. This is where the children are able to choose their own learning either inside or outside the classroom.


Have a wonderful weekend. Pick up will be 1.05pm next week.           

Mrs Rudkin