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Week 1

Week 1


Welcome to the first entry of our new weekly blog. Well, what an amazing start to the school year we have had. The children have done themselves proud and Mrs Lush and I are incredibly pleased with the way the children in RB have settled into school and got to grips with their new routines in Reception. 


It's been a week of getting to know each other, exploring our new environment and most importantly, having lots of fun! Here are just some of the lovely moments that have been captured this week. 

We encourage parents and children to talk as much as possible about the school day, as it's a wonderful way for your child to develop their speaking and listening skills. To give you an insight into what happens during a typical morning in RB, here is a brief overview. 


The children enter the classroom and put their book bag in the box and their coat in their locker. They then explore the classroom until everyone has arrived. The children then sit on the carpet time where the register is taken and we discuss the day ahead. 


The children then go and explore where they engage in something called 'continuous provision' or 'choosing time'. This is where the children get to choose their own learning either inside or outside the classroom. Finally, we finish the day with a story which the children really enjoy.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we are very excited for more fun next week. 


Mr Bartle