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Week 1

This week the children came into our Pre-school jungle! Straight away the children have enjoyed wearing animal masks, identifying and talking about animals that they know and asking questions about animals they are unfamiliar with. Our new text, Dear Zoo, has been very popular with the children. We have learnt the actions to go with the story and even have our very own miniature enclosures and matching animals from the story for the children to reenact it. 


In maths, we are learning to identify and talk about 3D shapes. The children have been comparing them to 2D shapes that they know and have enjoyed using various 3D shapes to create models. 


During forest school, we had an animal hunt. The animal cards were hidden around forest school so that children could work in pairs to tick them off their list as they found them. We learnt the names for some new animals such as Buffalo and Rhinoceros. 


We will continue to learn the Dear Zoo story with actions. Please ask your children to tell you the story, they are very impressive at remembering the repetitive language.