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Week 1

Week 1


This week we have celebrated Pancake Day. We learnt which ingredients we would need, and how to use them. Then we were lucky enough to watch the adults in Pre-school make a pancake. They even flipped a pancake for us! For snack, we all ate a pancake with a choice of syrup or lemon and sugar. Yummy!


During PE, we used our imagination to flip pancakes (using beanbags and bats) which helped us to develop our hand-eye coordination. We then had a ‘pancake race’, using our skills to balance the bean bag on the bat whilst running forwards. We were very good at this, and competitive!


In our maths sessions, we were learning how to describe and compare weight. We sorted objects using the vocabulary ‘heavy, not heavy, heavier and light, not light and lighter’.


WORLD BOOK DAY was so much fun! Well done to all of the parents who helped the children with their costumes. The children were excited to share with the group who they were dressed up as, which book they are from, if they were a ‘goody or baddy’ and what their costume looked like. We chose Harry & Rosie to win the Pre-school prize- congratulations! They made a wonderful woodcutter and Little Red Riding Hood, which they chose themselves.