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Welcome to Reception


In Reception, our curriculum is built around the power of stories. We believe that listening to, reading or telling stories can give our children the knowledge, skills and experiences that they need in order to be successful learners.


We also consider the following values to be important in underpinning our curriculum:


  • Wellbeing - children being emotionally secure and physically healthy to enable them to develop effective learning strategies
  • Communication - children communicate effectively by talking confidently, having back-and-forth conversations and obtaining new vocabulary
  • Life Skills - children developing the skills and experiences needed for the next stage of education and beyond


Welcome to Summer Two in Reception 

Ticket to Ride


    During this half-term the children will be learning about the world and the transport needed to get to different places. To find out more about what happens in each Reception classroom, have a look at our weekly blogs below. 


    Mr Bartle and Mrs Rudkin