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Reception Blog - Outside learning

You may have noticed that things have been starting to look a little different in the outside area. The Reception team are working hard to enhance and improve the area over forthcoming year. The first change is that we have separated the playground into 2 zones.

Gross Motor Zone

Here the children are able to develop their large muscle groups, coordination and perseverance.

During the week we provide various types of wheeled machinery. Single trikes, balance bikes, scooters, double and triple seater bikes and hand bikes for the children to use. These help with coordination and balance. We often enhance the area further using cones and chalk to mark on roads and provide further challenge.

We use the tyres to flip and race with.

Use balls to practice our throwing and catching to help with hand and eye coordination and learning to play with each other. It also helps us understand being part of a team.

We also practice balancing, jumping, hopping and skipping.

Investigation Zone

The second zone has lots to investigate.

We use the black tuff trays for all sorts of play. This year we have explored ice, water beads, slime, jelly and mud – luckily not all at the same time!

We have a sand pit and a water tray that are enhanced with different tools.

Our construction shed is brilliant for problem solving and building. We use crates, wooden blocks and planks to make all sorts of wonderful things such as cars, rockets and obstacle courses across lava!

Small World

On Friday night we created a new zone. During the week the children had great fun clearing the area under the tree. The children really enjoyed the challenge and using the different tools. After school we moved the very generous donation of a tonne of gravel to its new home in Early Years (We have big plans for it – watch this space!)

We then created a small world area using gravel, bark, artificial grass and soil. We can’t wait to see it in action next week. Special thanks to Mr Rudkin who helped ferry the gravel!

Later this year we hope to start to develop the grass area and reinstate the digging pit and mud kitchen. We’re all really excited and will continue to share the developments as they happen.


Mrs Rudkin, Mr Bartle and the fantastic reception team.