Share home learning

Dear Parents/Carers,
Celebrating Home Learning
We hope that you and your families are well and adapting to these rather unusual times. We have been encouraging home learning through our weekly activity sheets and know that many of you will be have been working hard, supporting your children to keep up with some learning while school is closed. We know this will also have been a task for yourselves to juggle and we appreciate all of your efforts.
Should you want to, we have decided that we would like to give you an opportunity to share some of the children’s fantastic efforts at home learning with their class teachers through email. We know we would love to see some of what they have been doing and imagine some of them would enjoy sharing their work with us too. We would like to emphasise this is NOT a requirement and you only have to share work if you wish to.
We have created year group email addresses which teachers can access to see the children’s work.
  • To make this manageable, but still provide a meaningful way to communicate with school, we ask that you only send one email a week.
  • There is no expectation on what you might send, and you do not need to send all the work your child has completed, but maybe select a favourite piece or two, or even a picture of a practical task.
  • This is an opportunity for children to share their work and teachers will reply to each email, with a short personal response. We look forward to seeing how busy you have been. However, we will not be able to mark work sent, or set additional work as this is all already present on the year group home learning pages.
  • Under normal circumstances (baring teacher illness) teachers will respond within 7 days of the email being sent.
  • Could you please put your child’s name and class in the subject box on the email, to help us organise a shared inbox- thank you.
The email address for each year group is as stated below.
Reception parents can still add work as per existing arrangements through ‘Tapestry’ should they wish to, but you also have this additional email which you may prefer.
We greatly look forward to seeing some of what you have been doing in the last 7 weeks!
The Chawson Staff