Reopening FAQs

Please find below reopening FAQs which we hope you will find useful, we will continue to update this page as we receive questions from parents– 
  • Has a risk assessment been created to prepare for the opening of school?
  • Yes,a risk assessment has been created to able us to open ours doors to more children. Please click the Coronavirus News tab to view the risk assessment and supporting documents.
  • What arrangements are made for lunches?
  • Every child will have a cold lunch to enable them to eat in their classroom with their ‘bubble’. You can provide your own packed lunch, or your child can ask for sandwiches each morning as part of their Infant Free School Meals entitlement. You do not need to book this via Aspens select system.
  • Will my child get fruit and milk each day?
  • No, you will need to provide a daily healthy snack as deliveries of fruit have not resumed. We will be contacting parents about milk when we have more information.
  • What shall my child wear?
  • Children should wear jogging bottoms and trainers each day to allow them to take part in PE and outdoor learning without the need to get changed. We encourage them to wear blue t-shirts and their jumper or cardigan where possible. As uniform should be washed daily we will understand if they cannot wear their jumper every day.
  • What should my child bring each day?
  • We will need to limit the number of items moving between home and school. Your child should only bring their lunch and a water bottle each day. Please name all items of clothing- it’s even more important than ever that we don’t have a mix up.Your child should bring a sunhat if it is hot and sunny.
  • Will there be home learning for Reception and Year 1 if my child doesn’t come to school?
  • As we are open for Reception and Year 1 we will not be providing home learning for these year groups in the same format as we have been during school closure. We encourage parents to use the resources signposted on the school website including:
  • Will my child have a reading book?
  • No, unfortunately we will not be able to send reading books between home and school due to the risk of cross contamination. We will be reading regularly with the children in school.
  • What will my child learn at school?
  • We will be delivering the school curriculum through our usual topic based approach. The curriculum will of course be adapted to support children’s wellbeing and their transition back to school. We will teach English and maths each day, as well as a range of other exciting subjects. Children in Reception will continue to follow the Early Years curriculum in their adapted environment.